Noavaran Arman Pooya Company

Noavaran Arman Pooya Company (a member of Moham Shargh Group) was established in 2008 to expand business activities and to provide equipment. This Company has successfully obtained the agency of several prestigious international manufacturers despite the obstacles caused by economic sanctions; for example, TBEA - one the biggest transformer and reactor manufacturing companies, CG (Ganz Company) -  gas insulation switchgear manufacturer in Hungary, DIMAT - PLC and teleprotection system manufacturer in Spain, ZIV - protective relay and substation automation system manufacturer in Spain, and Interberg – manufacturer of industrial batteries in Spain.

  • Cooperation with the Consultation and Research Unit in projects related to the reconstruction of the electrical industry and administration and coordination of projects related to the Energy Ministry, Iran's Electricity Network Management Company and Tavanir
  • Collaboration with the Financial and Support Unit to provide financial support from various sources
  • Cooperation with the Business Development Unit to present in auctions and to facilitate communication with clients and consultation firms
  • Marketing, negotiation and follow up activities in the field of power plant development
  • Marketing, negotiation and follow up services to expand the company's field of activity in various industries such as cement, steel, oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Marketing in order to develop the company’s activities in international auctions and projects
  • Making connections with various agencies and departments such as the Management and Planning Organization, the Ministry of Industries, the Ministry of Energy and banks in Tehran
  • Coordinating as necessary to facilitate the processes related to various parts of the Tehran branch of the Moham Shargh Company