• 2023/09/24

Areas of Activity

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1. High Voltage Substations: up to 400kV AIS and GIS Substations with DCS and Conventional systems

2. High Voltage and Medium Voltage Transmission Lines: Various ground and overhead lines up to 400kV

3. Power plants: CHP and CCHP DG power plants as well as Mobile and Fixed Diesel Generators

4. Manufacturing equipment: Mobile and Modular GIS and AIS HV substations up to 230kV as well as manufacturing MV & HV panels up to 33kV, various Capacitor banks and compact substations 

5. Telecommunication: Various Wireless Systems, Microwave, Mobile, Scada RTU, Optical Fiber Equipment (both active and passive), PLC equipment and Construction of Dispatching Center

6. O & M Services: Exploitation, Maintenance, Repairing and Retrofitting of power, mechanical and instrumentation systems

7. Supply of goods and raw chemical materials: Various Industrial and Instrumentation Equipment, Catalysts such as MDEA, Silica gel, Anti foam, Catalyst of Gas Refining Unit, Catalyst of Petrochemical Unit, Anti corrosive materials, heating Transmission Oils (Therminol 66), Transformer oil and etc

8. Subway lines: Power Supply Systems and Signaling Systems    

9. Water Oriented Systems: Various Water Treatment Systems, Industrial Water Recycling Systems and Water Desalination
10. Laboratories of Industrial Oil: Test and Examining of Power Transformer oil, Chemical Refining and Recovery of Industrial Oil of Turbines

11. Financing: Executing Industrial Projects (BOT, BLT, EPCF, ...)

12. Renewable Energies: Construction of Wind and Solar Power plants

13. Industrial Automation: DCS and PDCS Industrial Automation Projects, Providing and Executing Native Automation Software for High Voltage Substations

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