• 2024/02/25

Mobile & Modular Substation

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MSG is a leading manufacturer of Mobile and Modular substations for various industries including regional electric companies, oil, petrochemical, steel and cement in Iran as well as middle east countries.


Mobile substations are considered as flexible and appropriate solution for clients in terms of portability and time consuming in installation. In this regard, MSG has designed , manufactured and commissioned Mobile and Modular substations with various voltage ratings ranging from 33, 63,132 and 230 kV as well as rated power up to 40 MVA they could be used for:


·         Temporary or fixed Substations

·         Repairing fixed Substations

·         Reduction of black out in deserted areas

·         In critical conditions



On the other hand, Due to high cost and long time of construction of conventional substations and also regarding the lack of land and suitable space in most parts of the cities, MSG has implemented several conventional projects on modular basis up to 230 kV.




132/20kV Modular koohestan Substation                                                                                  230/63kV Mobile Substation at Gilan   

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