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Power Station, DG power station and Diesel Generator

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MSG has developed its activity in the distributed generation in order to solve combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, up to 25 MW

activity in construction of 25 MW, Distributed Generation (DG) Power Stations, and Diesel Power station up to 2 MW both fixed and mobile as well as Construction of 100 MW Power Station to name but few.

By applying scientific potential of experts as well as benefiting from extensive technical, engineering, financial and commercial facilities, MSG has been able to establish a direct and effective relationship with credible manufacturers of diesel and gas generators, and couplers. Frequent attempts lead to obtain bilateral cooperation agreements and obtain exclusive representation in the country and the Middle East.




Listed below are the services which is carried out by FanAvaran Sane Shargh Co.:

·        Design and Engineering of power plant projects in EPC method

·        Supply Gas and Diesel Generators from credible manufacturers 

·        Installation, Commissioning and Connecting to power station equipment network

·        Manufacturing ATS, AMF, MCC and RTU panels as well as 20 kV feeders, control and protection panels of power stations.

·        Presenting extensive after sale services as well as supplying main spare parts of the power station equipment


                                     100MW Islam Abad Power Plant                                                                                                              four 2MW Mobile Diesel Power Plant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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