• 2023/12/11

Maintenance, Repairing & Retrofitting

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Maintenance, Repairing & Retrofitting


FanAvaran Energy Toos Co. as one of MSG's subsidiaries, operates in the field of providing engineering services, maintenance, operation, retrofitting and loss reduction in transmission and distribution networks. Having benefited from skillful manpower, utilizing up to date machinery and equipment, Electrical and high voltage laboratories as well as the most recent test sets to test protection relays, the company is able to offer maintenance services, installation, commissioning and retrofitting of substations, distribution and transmission networks.




·        Maintenance and retrofitting of transmission and distribution lines of Khorasan, Semnan Province as well as Line 1 and 2 of Mashhad urban train fleet

·        Retrofitting of protection system of substations.

·        Testing of protection relays, servicing of transformer accessories and generators of power plants

·        Exchanging circuit breakers of substations with different voltage levels.




Moham Shargh Group General Contractor in Industries