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Applying automated control systems in various industries has become common these days due to its undeniable benefits. Establishing an effective and efficient connection between different equipment and devices that play a role in the system is the main goal of such systems and increases their efficiency.

Due to the great importance of uninterrupted generation and delivery of electricity to the consumer, careful monitoring and control of existing equipment in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity will be paramount.

Having designed and run by Azarakhsh Power Transmission Co. as one of MSG's subsidiary, SAS allows the user to select his own system architecture giving the best features of both centralized and distributed processing.



Founded in 2006 as one of MSG's subsidiaries, Sane Shargh Co. has started its activity with the aim of manufacturing various panels as follows:


·        LV panels with the capacity of more than 3000 set

·        MV panels both GIS and AIS, fixed and sliding type

·        AC, DC and MCC panels

·        ATS, AMF, RTU and other protection and control panels




Installation of "Substation Automation System" on Koohestan Substation                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


MCC Panel                                                                                    Low Voltage Panel                                                                                                     Drawable MV Switch gear                                                                                                                                                                                 

Moham Shargh Group General Contractor in Industries