• 2023/12/11


We are not exaggerating if it is mentioned that the company is the clinic for power transformers in which the main focus is sampling from transformer's oil to carry out advanced experiences in order to detect oil's health and extend transformer's life. Furthermore, as the heart of power transmission systems, with the advanced chemical oil purification devices, it has also been able to revive it. Two decades of experience in this field led to the establishment of this company as a specialist in the testing of power transformer oils as well as the chemical purification of transformer oils.


·         Oil chromatography test

·         Oil quality control test

·         SF6 quality control test

·         Manufacturing of industrial equipment

·         Chemical treatment and recovery of industrial oils (generator, compressor, turbine, power transformer)

Postal Address: First floor, Arvid building, No. 2, Next to 59 Fakouri St., Between Delavaran and Sarafrazan Sq., Mashhad

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Moham Shargh Group General Contractor in Industries