• 2023/06/08


The department was established in 2004 in collaboration with qualified professors of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and other prestigious universities in the country in order to restructure the electricity industry. Conducting basic studies, providing research and consulting services as well as collaborating on related tasks are capabilities of the department.Initially, the group's activities were mainly focused on restructuring issues in the Iranian electricity industry and most of the projects carried out by the group were directly related to the Ministry of Energy and the management of the Iranian electricity network.


·         Providing consulting services in power industry, set up power market, power bourse and cooperation in electricity market operations

·          Producing power market software

·         Cooperation to make decisions for power market (determining energy rate, setting up capacity market)

·         Providing consulting services for preparing power market bylaws such as calculating transfer service fee and the procedure of issuance of related invoices

·         Providing consulting services about power market of regional electric companies

·         Providing consulting services to power plants in order to render appropriate sale solution through attending power market or other methods such as guaranteed purchase, long-term contracts based on electricity ministry bylaws

·         Providing consulting services in privatization of power industry and yielding companies of electricity ministry

·         Providing various services in different national designs such as collecting technical data related to network's complete dynamic studies, energy exchange and … in electricity ministry, Tavanir and power network management company

·         Procurement of bilateral electricity trading software

·         Implementing development of small-scale generator project in the power industry

·         Calculation of transfer service rates in Iran Electricity Network

·         Electricity cost studies in Iran

·         Holding the first and second conferences on the electricity trade

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