• 2023/09/24
Financial Supplier of Industrial Projects

having over two decades of frequent activity in industries and executing more than 800 EPC projects, Moham Shargh Group initiates firm steps in which it is currently able to render diverse solutions in the field of financing industrial projects as well as reinforcing technical, engineering and commercial parts to enhance financial affairs both domestic and international. different ways of executing projects in terms of financing are as follows::
1- Implementing projects in the form of EPCF, BOO, BOT
2-using Bank facilities and domestic institutes
3- Using facilities of foreign Banks through attracting foreign financiers
4-Implementing projects using Treasury bills and other approved securities by Central Bank
 5-implementing projects using bartering services for commodity
The most important Funded projects are as follows:

1- Construction of local refinery in Mashhad with BOT method
2- Construction of 400KV Jajarm Substation with EPCF method
3- Construction of a 230 kV Sabalan power plant of using treasury bills and barter methods
4- Construction of high voltage transmission lines in Persian Gulf project with EPCF method

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