• 2024/02/25
Manufacturing specialized equipment and software

Equipment and specialized software manufactured by of Moham Shargh Group includes MV and LV panels companies, mobile stations, as well as specialized laboratories for specialized software.
with the aim of developing domestic capabilities as well as localization of software and hardware equipment related to power industry, Fanavaran Sane Shagh Co. has founded. in 2005aims to help develop the domestic capability and localization of hardware and software related to the electric power industry and large industries with the establishment of Fanavaran Sane East Company in 2005. the main focus of the company is manufacturing panels as well as LV and MV feeders up to 33kV, industrial panels including protection and control, mobile and modular substations up to 230 kV. it is noted that the company's products are currently in  authentic vendor list of huge industries.
having extensive laboratory facilities and specialized experts as well as cooperating with reputable universities, support of Ministry of Energy and Passive Defense Organization, Moham Shargh Group has succeeded to produce domestic software in 2012. the first pilot project related to the software commissioned in 132 kV Koohetan substation by minister of Energy.

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